Dwaar Puja

A puja area is prepared at the main entrance for the worship of various manifestations of the the supreme. This puja is conducted by both Pandits, and the two yajmaas - the father of the dulahin and the dulaha. 

Both Pandits sit facing each other.

The dulahin's Pandit faces North and the dulaha's Pandit faces South.

The dulahin's Father faces West and the dulaha faces East.

Both parties Bring articles and items to use in the puja. 

The dulahin's Father and the dulaha stands whilst matras of purification, pavatri and the Swasti Vaachan are recited by the Pandits with the accompany rites.

The dulahin's Father takes the hands of the dulaha and assists him in being seated. The dulaha and the dulahin's Father then follows the instructions of the Pandits and performs puja to the devatas as per tradition.

At the end of the Dwaar puja the younger brother of the dulahin, after purification and pavatri performs the TILAK.

 The younger brother of the dulahin washes the dulaha's feet, places flowers on his head and waves the Aarti over the dulaha. He is then given, on the base of his right thumb, a mixture of Dahee, Ghee and rice. He gently puts his left hand behind the neck of the dulaha and places the mixture between the brows of the dulaha.

The dulaha is then given Tilak - gifts of Gold, clothing, money, a coconut and sweets, wrapped in a peice of yellow cloth - preferably silken.