Hindu Wedding

I am pleased of offer some pointers on preparation for weddings.

All materials for full pooja should be made available for the Dwaar pooja.


Note: Mango leaves, doob grass and flowers should be picked and neatly sorted in trays. Not plastic bags.

Your poojas at home should be conducted prior to the wedding and your child should sit to participate in this. Also your pitra tarpan and shraad must be done on the advice of your pundit. A wedding facilitates the continuity of the generation and lineage so the Pitra Pooja is necessary. Your child should be initiated and sit also to perform this pooja

Before Friday’s Hardi, clothing, green hardi, fresh coconut oil a coconut , sweets and doob grass should be exchanged by both sides.

The Hardi Friday is very important, so observe all modes of fast and discipline. When Kangann is tied , one must restrict all physical contact with others and should also not venture outside the home.
An effective and competent naw is an asset to a successful and well organized wedding so this is a necessity. Also a stage to construct the mandap is important so guests can see what is taking place during the ceremony for the wedding. An important asset is a good PA system that allows all guests to follow and enjoy the programme. There is a recording of the Shainiee or traditional indian wedding music that created an excellent ambiance for Hindu Weddings, this used as a backgroung fills the tent with the feeling of richness.