Gita Paath


NOTE: In the case of Pre- Wedding ceromines only one ceeda is prepared and the shrota can be one close male relative or the dulaha where applicable.


Note: In the event that the shraad is done where a relative passed away then the five shares of food and 5 ceedas apply. 

Prepare food for Shorta and Brahmins to eat first (only well attired females to distribute meals to pandits) no short clothes or revealing tops.
After distributing meals a little is taken from each persons serving in a leaf to be placed into the river. The Pundit blesses the food and then the main shrota is made to eat five mouths full first before any one else eats. Hands must be washed, wiped and the Pundit, brahmans and shrotas should be fanned by the main shrotaa while still seated.
Take pundit's cedar into his car and escort him with reverence.

Govinda jaya jaya,Gopaala jaya jaya, Raadhaa Ramana Hari Govinda jaya jaya