Chakai or Var Varana

The Norm in the Chakai is for the father or the brother of the of the intended dulahin, the Pandit, Brahmins and other members of the family to visit the home of the intended dulaha. There the Pandit conducts puja, performed by the father or the brother of the of the intended dulahin and the dulaha. After completeting the puja the ring is presented to the dulaha by the dulahin's father or brother. he wears this ring on his ring finger of his right hand. 

I humbly share with you my thoughts and ideas on the Chakai or meeting of parties and families of both boy and girl prior to the Vivaha or wedding ceremony.


At the home of the boy, the girl’s family (mostly males) will assemble on an auspicious day set by the pundit. Simple pooja is done by the boy and the girl’s brother guided by the pundit.

Rings are exchanged and the boy is worshipped by the girl’s brother. Clothes, tilak and dakshina are offered to him in the pooja. The mother of both boy and girl are presented with presents and all ends in prayer and blessings by the pundit. The assembly is treated to food and entertainment as this is an opportunity for both families to socially interact and develop greater ties.