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Pundit Maharaj

Lutchmidath Maharaj

Committed to helping society deal with its many challenges and problems.

What We Do?

Born to Shri Ramnarine Persad-Maharaj and Shrimati Rewatie Seereeraj of Todd's Road, Fletcher's Road, Chaguanas. His grandparents are Ranjit and Basso Persad. His great grandparents are Rampersad and Bhagrati Maharaj. He is the second child of four children: two brothers, Andy and Nirmal and one sister, Vidia.

He was educated at the Todd's Road R.C. School at primary level and Chaguanas Junior and Senior Comprehensive School. He has a Teacher's Diploma in Education, a teacher by profession registered with the Ministry of Education.

Pundit Maharaj holds the following portfolios:

Marraige officer
Punditji is a registered marriage officer and counselor
Member of the SDMS
Punditji is a member of the Sanathan Dharma Maha Sabha
Executive of Maha Saba
Pundit Maharj is also executive and P.R.O of the Maha Sabhas Pundits' Parishaa
Director on NCRHA
Pundit Maharj is a member of the Board of Directors for the North Central Regional Health Authority.
Member of IRO
Recently “Baba” as he is lovingly called by his chelaas became an executive member of the Inter- Religious Organisation (IRO)
Member of IADB
Pundit Maharaj is also on the social advisory board of the Inter- American Development Bank (IADB).
Member of Medical Board (MBTT)
Baba has been serving in that capacity since 2013
Babs is also involved in the Quarrying Industry and recently entered into some bit of Real Estate.

Pundit Lutchmidath is dedicated to creating a solid foundation for the Hindu youths of this country many of whom he strongly believes may become tomorrow's leaders. He is currently the chairman of the National Hindu Youth Organization.

This organization is a network of Youth Groups across the country that hosts yearly activities such as sports and cultural activities. There are a number of youth groups which makes up this organization.

With a heart filled with love and compassion , Guruji founded and established SEWA a home which gives relief to Battered women and children. This home called “SEWA” which means service, confirms the fact that Baba is committed to helping society deal with its many challenges and problems

SEWA is located in Flanagin Town, Chaguanas. It is also affiliated with the SHARE programme, a department of the Ministry of Social Development which distributes approximately One hundred and twenty (120) food bags each month